Where There's A Woman, There's A Way!

Empower Women. Fight Poverty. Impact Generations. ~ WiNGS Dallas


We had the wonderful opportunity of partnering again with WiNGS Dallas to support their 2019 Mentors and Allies Luncheon. This year we produced a piece called The Story of Hope, along with our DP and Editor Michael Burke, which features Hope Oriabure-Hunter. The piece explains her journey from poverty as a single mom with four children, to building a thriving business and secure family life with the help of the WiNGS program. We believe that Hope’s story communicates the mission of WiNGS: Empower Women. Fight Poverty. Impact Generations.

We have some exciting news…

It is with great honor and pride that we announce that our WiNGS Dallas 2018 Mentors & Allies Luncheon Video won a Rose Gold Muse Award. The Muse Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals and creators to showcase their talent and work among peers in the industry. Last year, our team produced this video to support WiNGS educational and fund-raising outreach in the Dallas Fort Worth community. We would like to thank as well our DP and Editor Michael Burke, who helped capture and tell these women stories.

The story-line was built upon by the women who WiNGS has served through their programs, and these women reinforce the message of WiNGS’ mission. It has been such an honor getting to tell these women’s stories and witnessing the impact these women have on their community. As a woman-owned business, we truly believe in the power that women have in building up their community, as well as, the WiNGS mission.

For more information on WiNGS Dallas and their program go to: https://wingsdallas.org/