Simplicity Wins in Visual Storytelling

Sometimes the simplest story is the best kind of story.  We won a 2019 SILVER Telly for a video we produced that was one of the more simple pieces as far as pre-production and editing.  The story is about how a century-old bridge is due for replacement, not only for safety, but to keep the economy rolling in the Seattle area.  This bridge is where trains and boats move in and out of a very busy area, and if it fails it will mean either maritime or rail traffic won’t be able to move. 

I was fortunate to have not one, not two, but three video photographers with me for this shoot.  Michael, Phil and Miguel (on the drone) all captured what they saw we needed to tell this story through the visuals.  I was the editor this time, so it was great fun to put it together with all the beautiful visuals my team captured.  And the Tellys saw the greatness and awarded us a Silver Telly, not an easy one to win. Our client trusted us with her message and we’re thrilled to have won professional recognition for doing something we truly enjoy.