What is it about certain music that makes you feel happy?


Intern spotlight

John Kuzmick


John Kuzmick, CM Productions' intern extraordinaire, is a photography major at the University of North Texas.  He's also a prolific songwriter and member of the popular band, Acid Carousel. https://www.facebook.com/acidcarousel/


What is the sound of positivity? What song do you play when you’re trying to get in a better mood? I would bet that song is most likely in the major key. Throughout the history of music, especially within the popular music spectrum, the major key has been used the most often for typically upbeat songs.

The major key itself is defined through the major scale, which can be used to create major chords, as well as dictate the chords you can use within that scale to stay consistent with the key. This remains consistent with every note you’d want to use as the root for the song, for example “Happy Birthday” being in the key of A Major, with the root being the A. The major key’s consistent use for upbeat songs is the main reason why we associate the major key with positivity; it is just how we remember positive songs to sound.  Our ear is trained for it.

Celebratory songs we’ve all heard at some point, such as “Wedding March” and “YMCA” are both written in a major key. The same goes for the major keys use in visual content. If you are watching a video with a positive message or intent to motivate, chances are the background music is in the major key. Many of CM Productions' corporate projects have a goal of positive persuasion and music in a major key helps set the mood.