What is Visual Content?

Visual content is what we do at CM Productions, Inc.  And how to define it evolves as technology advances, our audiences become more sophisticated and as we grow the company. But at its core definition, it is content that has an impact on the hearts and minds of those who view it. 

Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the right combination of visuals and sound in the right setting, targeted to a specific audience is worth so much more, especially when it actually moves your organization up the hierarchy of needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is based on the psychology of human motivation.  We work with clients who need to motivate their customers, employees, vendors, donors, etc. to move up this hierarchy. That’s what makes us unique as a visual content agency.  We go beyond simply executing a video production, photo shoots, animation or the other tactical parts of visual content creation.  We get into the audience’s head to consider several options for what visual approach will have the greatest impact and use our journalism roots to frame the story.  That is part of what we explore in our Creative Strategy Sessions.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

For example, if a client wants to recruit top talent via mobile and social media with the intent of moving a candidate’s mindset into the “Love and Belonging” level of the hierarchy, our recommendation for that project is completely different than the client who is needing to increase its B2B transactions with a certain customer group at a live event. The options for delivery of visual content change constantly, as does the technology to create it. That’s why we’re always looking at how to leverage technology and tailor our stories for the greatest impact.

So what is visual content exactly? Well, it could be motion graphics and 4K video turned scenery spanning a 70-foot wide screen for your next big event, or it could be a simple 90-second graphic explainer video to modify user behavior around bike shares.  Or it might be an epic anthem-style video with sweeping aerials and slow-motion footage of your organization to motivate your workforce, or it could be still photography of an event you need for historical documentation.  We aren’t offering a menu, because quite frankly we aren’t order takers.  We’re creative partners for our clients. It’s about bringing strategy and art together to help you achieve your goals while moving up that hierarchy to the pinnacle, self-actualization.

Carrie Martinez